Oh no! Our children are growing up and leaving the nest! What will we do?

I’ve heard it several times over the last few years. “What are you going to do when your kids leave home?” My friends are concerned. We are not.

We are keeping plenty busy. Trips in our RV. Golfing. Kayaking. Parish life. Scouting. Service projects. Cooking. And yes, visiting with the kids from time to time. As it is, I don’t have enough time to keep up with my blogging as much as I could.

So don’t you worry. We’ll be just fine. 🙂

  • Turkey Tetrazzini

    Turkey Tetrazzini

    One of the best things about Thanksgiving is the turkey leftovers! Usually we go to my sister’s house for Thanksgiving. (We didn’t this year because of the pandemic.) But I still cook a turkey, because there are so many great ways to use excess turkey!


  • Rustic Italian Wheat Bread

    Rustic Italian Wheat Bread

    I’ve been stuck in a bit a of a bread rut lately. I’ve just been making a few of my favorite recipes. So I decided to try something new. This rustic Italian bread starts with a sponge which sits for several hours. Then you make the dough and bake the bread. It is a nice…


  • Banana Chocolate Chip Pecan Muffins for the Road (or maybe not)

    Banana Chocolate Chip Pecan Muffins for the Road (or maybe not)

    I had three overripe bananas on the counter. Since LC is heading back to college tomorrow and JD is heading back to Springfield, I thought I’d make some banana muffins. I asked LC if he wanted chocolate chips or pecans in them. He said both.