Decorating the Church for Christmas

Every year we help decorate our church for Christmas. All four boys were home for this event and they helped too. This has become a family tradition. And their help is always appreciated since they know the drill and they have strong arms to carry all of the trees and boxes from the basement.

In fact, they have come to look forward to it. They like putting up all of the trees, and getting the lights to work, and figuring out which tree stand works. Although this year we have a couple of trees which seem a little wobbly. But as long as no one really runs into them they should be fine.

Most of the work was done on Sunday after 11am mass. Some of the ladies from the parish added the poinsettias on Monday. And then, this morning after 8am mass, I helped put away the Advent wreath. Our pastor put the Christmas banners up and set the lighting. And our liturgical art chair changed the altar cloth and supervised the whole process.

I love the quiet waiting of Advent. And now Christmas is almost here. We are going to midnight mass. In fact, sons number 3 and 4 are serving at mass. Most of the families with younger kids who are altar servers go to 5pm mass, so there were no servers signed up for midnight mass. Son number 3, who still serves mass at his college parish, asked if there were servers. When I told him nobody had signed up, he volunteered and talked his younger brother into doing it too. It is really nice that that our boys enjoy doing this still.

So the presents are wrapped and the cookies are baked. I have food ready for Christmas dinner tomorrow night. I am looking forward to midnight mass. Rejoice! God saves us. Every day. Merry Christmas from my family to yours!

Photo credits go to our pastor. 🙂



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