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  • First Communion – 1975

    First Communion – 1975

    The second graders at our parish were supposed to receive the Lord in Holy Communion for the first time back in April. But due to the pandemic it was delayed. Their day finally came yesterday. They had to split it into two different masses to allow for social distancing. And only parents and siblings could accompany them. But even though it was different, it was still beautiful. My prayer for them is that they always feel this close to Jesus and that they spread His love all over the world during their lives.

  • Cooking for a Crowd – Beef Stroganoff

    Cooking for a Crowd – Beef Stroganoff

    Yesterday we cooked and served a meal at FOCUS, an Orthodox organization which provides a Sunday supper to those in need in our community. We had to provide 150 servings. Cooking for a crowd is always a challenge but somehow we always manage. This time we served beef stroganoff, salad, bread, and desserts.

  • Freezer Meals – Bubble Up Pepperoni Pizza

    Freezer Meals – Bubble Up Pepperoni Pizza

    A group of us got together last night and assembled more meals for our Freezer Meal Outreach, for parishioners to pick up and give to family and friends who need a little care. This is a new recipe we are adding to our rotation. We try to keep some “kid-friendly” meals in the freezer for recipients who have small children.

  • Scout Sunday

    Scout Sunday

    This past Sunday we had our annual Scout Sunday Mass at our parish. Of course having that many youngsters sit together in church can result in some fidgeting and talking. But then it came time to sing the Alleluia before the gospel was read and I heard the most beautiful chorus of voices from our little Lions who were sitting right behind me. Positively angelic!

  • Biscuits and Gravy: Comfort Food for Breakfast

    Biscuits and Gravy: Comfort Food for Breakfast

    I made some biscuits and gravy this morning for breakfast. We went to early mass because I was scheduled to give a little pulpit talk about our upcoming retreat. And that really had my adrenaline going. So when we got home and The Husband asked if I would make biscuits and gravy, I was happy to dish up a little comfort food for breakfast. The recipe is below.

  • Freezer Meals Recipe: Meatloaf

    Freezer Meals Recipe: Meatloaf

    I was asked for some of our recipes for our freezer meals outreach, so here is one we made this last cook night. It is a favorite and we make this at least every two months because it gets grabbed out of the freezer pretty quickly.