Getting Out the Scouting for Food Neckerchief Slide and Helping Others

This weekend this empty-nester Cubmaster is starting our annual Scouting for Food drive with the little Cub Scouts from our parish. I found my “vintage” Scouting for Food neckerchief slide in the drawer and put it on. (Instructions follow.)

We sent the Cub Scouts out to put a bag on every door in the neighborhood. Next weekend they will return and pick up bags of food. These will go to our local food bank. The Cubs are willing to put the bags out, but when they really get excited is when they find it filled with food the next week. And they go every year out no matter what the weather.

These are kids in grades K-5. I love that they have that natural instinct to help others. When we talk about how some people don’t have enough food to eat and it is our responsibility to help them, they are genuinely concerned. And I am grateful for the parents who go out with them and teach them that by giving a few hours of their time, they can really make a difference. When they bring all of the bags and bags of food in, they are amazed what they can do if they really are willing to help.

We did Scouting for Food every year with our kids when they were in Scouts. And my boys are very generous and caring. I think that service experiences like this really help to develop and grow that attitude. I remember making these neckerchief slides with them years back. It was a fun way to say “we are excited about helping others”. Or in the words of one of the points of the Scout Law, “A Scout Is Helpful”.

Scouting for Food Neckerchief Slide


  • empty film canister
  • label from a can of food
  • drill with 1/2 drill bit
  • scissors
  • glue


  1. Drill a half inch hole in the bottom of the film canister. (Mom or dad might have to do this with a power tool)
  2. Cut the label down to the height of the canister.
  3. Wrap it around and trim the ends, allowing for a 1/2 overlap.
  4. Glue the label to the canister. The open end of the canister should be at the top and the hole you drilled should be at the bottom, so it looks like the can is open at the top.
  5. After the glue dries, slide your neckerchief through the 1/2 hole.


  • You can also photocopy and shrink the label. That way you can fit the “whole” label on the canister. Otherwise, when cutting, just get the most interesting part. Campbell’s soup labels and vegetable labels work well.
  • You can get empty film canisters from a place that processes photos. They will usually be happy to give you a bunch.



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