Joining the Gateway Winnies

Since we purchased the Micro Minnie Winnie last summer, we have been thinking about joining the Gateway Winnies, which is our local Winnebago owner’s club. So we finally got around to it. Last weekend was our first event with them. They do dinners during the winter. Missouri weather can be icky and unpredictable in those months.

It was really fun meeting other RV enthusiasts and talking about the places we’ve been. And there is a lot of knowledge there. Some of them have been doing it for years.

And we found out that some of them like to golf! It will be fun to have some golf mates when we are out camping. I told them that I am a new golfer and The Husband has just taken it up again after a 25 year break (kids!) and we are not very good. They reassured us that we will fit right in. 🙂

And one of the gentlemen in the club is a talented woodworker. At the end of the gathering we played a game and he gave away some of his creations. We were lucky to receive a wine stopper, golf ball mind bender, ceder closet hanger, and a snowman. What an unexpected bonus and so generous of him!

We are really looking forward to future meetings with this group, especially the camping.






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