Launched into Springfield

Many people have been hit hard during this pandemic. As I said in an earlier post, we feel we are in a yacht during this storm rather than a boat. But it was hard for our oldest to be back home with us after losing his job. Happily he got another job pretty quickly and we have moved him to Springfield MO. He is enjoying being back on his own. And Springfield seems like it will be more fun for a young professional than Jeff City.

I feel we have so many things to be thankful for this year. We are thankful that JD found a job. But we are also thankful for the few months he spent back at home with us. We never expected to have him living under our roof again. It was an unexpected bonus to get to have more “family time” with him. I am thankful that so far we have been healthy. I am thankful that our family members are being very careful and staying safe. I am thankful that we are closer to a vaccine which will get this pandemic under control. I am thankful for all of the doctors, nurses, technicians, custodial staff, etc at our hospitals. I am thankful for all essential workers, many who were not considered that essential before Covid-19 came around. I am thankful to live in a country where we are free. I am thankful for my faith community which has supported each other through this difficult time. I could go on and on.

Have a good Thanksgiving!





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