Me as a Girl Scout – 1979

I always enjoyed Scouting. I was a Girl Scout all through grade school. In 7th and 8th grade, there were only two of us left in our class who were still in Girl Scouts so in 7th grade we joined the 8th grade troop and in 8th grade we joined the 7th grade troop.

I remember working on all of my badges but don’t remember which ones I earned. I do remember earning my Marian Award though, which was the Catholic religious emblem for Girl Scouts. I think it is called Mary the First Disciple Award now.

In general we did a lot of crafts and cooking. We only camped occasionally, only once or twice a year. Camping and outdoor activities didn’t seem to be a required part of the Girl Scout program at the time. I really liked the outdoor stuff though.

I am glad my boys had the chance to be Boy Scouts. All four of them are Eagle Scouts. And I am grateful for the opportunities that Scouting let us have with our boys and their friends. We did a weekend camp almost every month. And two weeks of summer camp every summer – one traditional and one Catholic Adventure Week. We enjoyed hanging around the camp with the Scouts and watching them learn new skills like cooking. And The Husband and I learned to get out of our comfort zone and have new adventures along with the Scouts.

I think my own Scouting experience and the experience we shared with the boys when they were Scouts prepared us well for our new adventures when we go out exploring in our RV.






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