Price Is Not the Same as Value

Bigger is not better. More stuff does not mean more happiness. Price is not the same as value.

We live in a society which really values money and material goods. After I had already written these words a few days ago, I talked to a friend of mine who recently left her job to return to being a homemaker. We talked about the reaction we can get when they ask what we do and the reply is “I am a homemaker.” It is sometimes a look of disappointment often followed by a lack of interest.

And at least she has little kids at home. When my youngest left the nest, several people asked me if I was going to get a job. Because of course I should want more money. I am busy. I do a lot of volunteer work. I blog. I do some free lance web site development. My days are full. But there often seems to be a pushback that if I am not making money at what I am doing, then it does not have value. I once even had someone tell me that I shouldn’t be in a role without getting paid for it. But if I want to offer my services free of charge, why shouldn’t I.

I think it is great for men and women to be out in the workforce earning money. But I also think being a homemaker is great. And I am fortunate that The Husband has a good job and can provide for us. We have enough and having more material wealth won’t necessarily make us happier. Shouldn’t we be able to pursue the paths which are right for our own families without being made to feel like what we do is without value?





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