What Size RV or Travel Trailer Should You Buy?

Around this time last year, we were shopping for a new RV. Our old used 2004 Fleetwood Mesa popup had served well as an RV to learn on, but we were ready to purchase something a little more comfortable and easy to set up. And something which would be better for boon-docking/dry camping.

We had several features we were looking for – comfortable seating, an upgrade on the cooking facilities, a larger refrigerator, a toilet and shower (!!!!!), and a few other things.

But one of our criteria was that we could park it at our house. City codes limit where we can park it. The space between our garage and the neighbor’s fence met the criteria. The length was not a problem, but as you can see, there is not a lot of width.

We chose the Micro Minnie Winnie 2108FBS because it had the features we wanted and was a little narrower than some of the other models available out there. We liked the construction on the Winnebagos, although we also looked at some Rockwood Geo Pros and Fleetwood E Pros seriously.

So what size RV or travel trailer should you buy? I can’t really tell you. Your criteria might be totally different than ours. But you might want to consider where you are going to park it! 😉





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