What Are You Going To Do When Your Kids Leave Home?

Well, that is what people keep asking me. My friends are concerned for my well being.

We have four boys. The oldest works in Jefferson City. One is a super-senior in college and one is a junior. The youngest has graduated from high school and is leaving for college this fall. So people are concerned. How am I going to fill my time?

I am a homemaker, part time web developer, and content creator. I am also a volunteer. The truth is, my kids haven’t needed my daily attention for some time. And I feel busier than ever.

And the three younger boys all work at Cub Scout camp during the summer. So they are gone most of the summer anyway, so we are used to having the house to ourselves.

My husband and I are actually enjoying the new found freedom. We replaced our old popup camper with a travel trailer a few months ago. Our new trailer is a Micro Minnie Winnie. We have taken a couple small trips with it and as soon as the kids are settled in at college we are going to do a longer trip to Michigan.

I am also enjoying having more time for blogging and content creation. And I am playing around with making video, so I hope to post some videos of our adventures also.

The other thing which fills my time is volunteering. I am fortunate to be able to spend time volunteering and because of that I really feel called to give back to the communities I belong to. Most of my volunteer efforts are at my church and related programs. In fact, there is something I used to do which I loved and I am thinking about getting back to. More on that later……

So don’t worry, I’ll be just fine.





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