Why Are We in a Tent When We Have a Travel Trailer?

We own a Micro Minnie Winnie RV. And we love going out camping in the travel trailer. So why did these two empty nesters sleep in a tent this past weekend? Cub Scouts!

Even though my kids are all grown and away from home, I am the Cubmaster for the Cub Scouts at our church. (You can read more about why I am Cubmaster on my Scouting blog – ScouterMom.com) And this past Saturday night we had a pack family campout on the church grounds. This is a great way to introduce the little ones to camping and I’m happy to say they all lasted through the night.

I love having the opportunity to work with youth and especially to help them learn about how fun it is to have adventures, large and small. They learned about sleeping in tents, making campfires, cooking dinner, and I even made Dutch oven cobblers with them. I made a Ding Dong Cherry Cobbler and a Lemon Berry Cobbler. (pictures at the bottom) The 2nd grade Wolf den put on a campfire program with skits and songs. All of the kids ran around and played flashlight tag and made s’mores. Then in the morning we packed up and went home.

There are a fantastic group of den leaders in this pack and they did the bulk of the work. But the Cubmaster’s job is mainly one of support, organization, and encouraging all of the parents to get involved. And to be the Master of Ceremonies at pack events, which involved singing a lot of silly songs. 🙂

One thing my husband and I noticed is that Cub Scout pack events are much different when we don’t have a child of our own in the pack to look after. We had time to talk to the parents. The little ones came up to me and had random conversations. My husband (a former Scoutmaster) had the time to work with the oldest Cub Scouts (5th graders) and teach them about fire building and how to properly cook a Dutch oven cobbler. They enjoyed the attention and the opportunity to have a little more responsibility than the younger ones.

So we are looking forward to more adventures with the Cub Scouts and their families. It is worth it to see youth enjoying the great outdoors.

Ding Dong Cherry Dutch Oven Cobbler (left) and Lemon Berry Dutch Oven Cobbler (right)



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