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  • Freezer Meals – Bubble Up Pepperoni Pizza

    Freezer Meals – Bubble Up Pepperoni Pizza

    A group of us got together last night and assembled more meals for our Freezer Meal Outreach, for parishioners to pick up and give to family and friends who need a little care. This is a new recipe we are adding to our rotation. We try to keep some “kid-friendly” meals in the freezer for…

  • Scout Sunday

    Scout Sunday

    This past Sunday we had our annual Scout Sunday Mass at our parish. Of course having that many youngsters sit together in church can result in some fidgeting and talking. But then it came time to sing the Alleluia before the gospel was read and I heard the most beautiful chorus of voices from our…

  • Me as a Girl Scout – 1979

    Me as a Girl Scout – 1979

    I always enjoyed Scouting. I was a Girl Scout all through grade school. I remember working on all of my badges but don’t remember which ones I earned. I do remember earning my Marian Award though In general we did a lot of crafts and cooking. We only camped occasionally, only once or twice a…

  • Freezer Meals Recipe: Meatloaf

    Freezer Meals Recipe: Meatloaf

    I was asked for some of our recipes for our freezer meals outreach, so here is one we made this last cook night. It is a favorite and we make this at least every two months because it gets grabbed out of the freezer pretty quickly.

  • Freezer Meals Outreach

    Freezer Meals Outreach

    We had a freezer meals cook night last night. What is that? Well about 10 of us got together and made meals and froze them. Then when anyone from the parish knows somebody who needs a little care – somebody going through cancer treatment, or just had a death in the family, or a mom…

  • You Are Never Too Old for Breakfast with Santa

    You Are Never Too Old for Breakfast with Santa

    I haven’t been to a Breakfast with Santa lately. But I got to visit with St. Nick this last Sunday. Our Cub Scout pack had it’s annual pancake breakfast fundraiser and since I am the Cubmaster I hung around for most of the morning.