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  • Fresh Cinnamon Rolls for Breakfast

    Fresh Cinnamon Rolls for Breakfast

    This is a favorite breakfast around here, especially for Christmas morning. I like to serve this up with some sausage and egg casserole. Fresh out of the oven, these cinnamon rolls are warm, gooey, and fragrant. They don’t last long when all of the boys are home.

  • Sweet Roll Dough

    Sweet Roll Dough

    I had a request from ZM for Christmas morning breakfast: homemade cinnamon rolls. So the first step is to make some sweet roll dough. This is my favorite sweet dough roll recipe. It is rich and buttery. Because that is what they like!

  • Venison Gyros with Tzatziki

    Venison Gyros with Tzatziki

    We are blessed to have a freezer full of venison this year. One of my favorite things to do with venison is to make gyros. I don’t do much with the meat. I season it with salt and pepper and cook it in the crockpot. After about 8 hours on low it is falling off…

  • Creamy Tomato Bisque

    Creamy Tomato Bisque

    Last night we went with a simple meal. We had Roast Beef Panini and Creamy Tomato Bisque. It was a nice combination for a December weekday.

  • Smothered Venison Roast

    Smothered Venison Roast

    The venison was finally ready from the processor! (We had been waiting on them to finish a batch of bratwurst.) So the first thing I did was put one of the roasts in the fridge to thaw so I could make some smothered venison roast.

  • Farmstyle Cottage Cheese Bread

    Farmstyle Cottage Cheese Bread

    I made some farmstyle cottage cheese bread the other night with some venison roast and a nice tossed salad. Yum! This was a nice dense bread. The cottage cheese makes it hearty and rich. Let it cool for 10-15 minutes before attempting to slice it or you will crush it. It is that tender.